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Hosting institution: University of British Columbia

Hosting (student) organization: AMS First Generation Students Union



I am in my fourth year studying Global Health & Nutrition at UBC. I am passionate about equity, justice, health promotion and research. I have mainly worked within infectious disease research from Tuberculosis in Tanzania to COVID-19 in individuals with various forms of immunosuppression in Canada. While at university, I have founded the AMS First Generation Students Union to advocate for the inclusion of first-generation and low income students within systems of higher learning. I have also directed the Torchbearers podcast to bring to light the obstacles faced by students at UBC who identify as FGLI. I am a proud recipient of the Karen McKellin International Leaders of Tomorrow award as well as the 2020 Community Achievement Award and have received a nomination for the 2020 Vancouver Excellence Award in the category of Diversity and Inclusion.

FGSU President Zahra Fazal
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