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FGSU and Charitable Impact

We are excited to announce that we will be teaming up with the #ChooseYourImpact campaign on Charitable Impact and spearheading the expert portfolio on ’Low-income Student Support’. 


This cause is close to our hearts as low-income students who have battled systemic barriers in accessing support. We are the first under-represented student group that is actively working on creating grassroot changes in B.C for low-income students. Our work has gained a lot of momentum because of the its focus on empowering students and giving them the autonomy to direct the changes they want to see being actualized.


As a result, we will be rallying support for charities that are supporting low-income students during (and even after) the COVID-19 pandemic. Any donation upwards of $5 receives a tax receipt and you will receive updates on how your gift is making a difference.


WE encourage you to check out our landing page and contribute to this cause. 

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